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Account to Account Transfers

Account to Account transfers allow you to transfer money between accounts you have with Prestige Credit Union and accounts at another financial institution!

Make outgoing transfers from your Prestige Credit Union account to another institution for only $5.00 (much less than $18.00 outgoing wire fee).  Incoming transfers from another institution in to your Prestige Credit Union account are FREE!

How To Get Started

1. Login to home banking and click on the "Transfer" link.
2. Select "External Transfers" from the drop down menu.
3. Click on "Setup New Account" and follow through the setup.
4. On the next business day, check the account at your other Financial Institution to determine the amount of deposit and withdrawal.
5. Come back to this page and click on "Verify" and enter the amounts to complete the setup. 
6. Click on "Setup New Transfer" to create a transfer.


1. Have been a member in good standing for at least 90 days and
2. Have an open and active Checking Account and
3. Have a credit score of 700+ or
4. Have a $1,500 line of credit or
5. Have a $1,500 Certificate of Deposit

If you're not sure if you qualify, give us a call at 972-715-4444 or 800-423-3229.

Certain restrictions apply.  Maximum $1000.00 daily limit and $10,000.00 30 day rolling limit.

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